1. Itinerary and Terms of payment by mutual agreement.
  2. Please follow all instructions from our team either via chat, phone or during the trip.
  3. We are not responsible for delays, non-schedules that have been agreed as a result of not following our instructions.
  4. If there is a schedule change, inform our admin immediately.
  5. You are not allowed to coordinate directly with the driver. Our drivers will also direct to consult the admin first.
  6. Please inform your flight schedule (arrival and return), any form of delays and schedule changes due to misinformation is not our responsibility.
  7. Refund due to schedule change at point 6 is a refund of tourist area entrance ticket only.
  8. If there are obstacles due to bad weather or natural disasters so that the itinerary cannot be implemented, then it is not our responsibility. However, we will help you to find the best option for your vacation.
  9. Rescheduling can be done if the status of the hotel and tickets have not been booked, if already booked will be subject to additional charges or payment forfeited.
  10. Cancellation due to customer request then all payments will be forfeited.
  11. There is no Refund option on every travel package purchase. Only reschedule options are available with applicable terms.